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The Other Ral-Side Chapter
Dear (Y/n), [(Y/N) is 8]
How are you? I'm sure you're doing fine! You were always strong before I went off to join the Trainee Corps! Anyway, it's a little scary training I mean with the third year coming close to ending I'm nervous because I'm hoping to get into the top ten even though I'm not going to be part of the Military Police! Oh dear Shadis is looking for me! I wonder what I did! Wish me luck!
Petra Ral
Dear (Y/n), [(Y/n) is 10]
Dad's been telling me that you're becoming more distant from him and mum and that you've been sneaking off to sees these little friends of yours. Kimber and Violet, is it? From what I heard the two of them our bad news but knowing you, you'll ignore my warnings and just keep on seeing them! I don't mind that part but just don't sneak off at night I mean after all it is dangerous ever since the fall of Wall Maria! From what I heard from the Commander he's going to be making a Special Operations Squad. I'm slig
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 6 3
My Heart Will Go-Levi x Reader
Listen to this-Nightcore - My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)
The raven haired male picked up the unopened letter gently like he was afraid to brake it, opening after a few seconds he took out the letter unfolding it carefully. His grey eyes forced themselves to read the letter although they knew it wouldn't end well.
Dear Levi,
How are you? Me? I'm perfectly fine I mean if you're reading this then I didn't make it back from one of those expeditions we always go on. But don't you dare feel guilty if I do die, I wouldn't want that for us Levi...I'm sorry I'm not really good at writing these types of letters since I already wrote a few for my family and such but that's not my point.
I don't want you to be one of those dwellers who are hooked on their past lovers, I want your heart to move on goddamn it! Even though it hurts me I just want you to be truly happy without me Levi even if that means giving you up to
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 8 4
Light 'Em Up-Erd x Shifter!Reader
Be careful making wishes in the dark, dark
Can't be sure when they're hit their mark, mark
And besides in the mean, mean time
I'm just dreaming of tearing you apart.
The female hear a scream from her ginger haired squad mate that was directed towards the second in command, turning her head her (e/c) orbs widened in apprehension. They watched as the Titan they were currently fighting spit the blonde male out like he was nothing, like he had no taste. Anger suddenly flashed in her once horrified eyes as she ordered the two surviving comrades to tend to Erd who was barely breathing and get Eren out of here.
I'm in the de-details with the devil
So now the world can never get me on my level
I just gotta get you out of your cage
I'm a young lovers rage
Gonna need a spark to ignite.
Ignoring Petra's protest the youngest member of the Special Operations Squad charged towards the Female Titan, all she needed was that one simple thin
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 6 15
He'll Wait-Brother!Berolt x Sister!Reader
The Parting Glass
Priate AU
1717, Prison Maria in Kingston
The sound of cries of joy from the crowd outside could be heard from within the prisoners inside their cells awaiting their death, the ones who were sentenced to execution that is. Doors were opening and closing along with cells, the sounds of shackles as well as the metal was wrapped around the carriers ankles.
Eyes widened as they closely watched the guards open a certain cell forcely bringing out a teenager no older than sixteen, her (e/c) orbs were lingering with the strength of a dozen men while her body movement told others a different story. Her white dress that stop above her ankles was matted with filth while her hair was still straight but tangled, their (s/c) ankles were bleeding slightly due to the shackles.
One of the gruads went behind her and tied her wrists together causing her to bark her mouth at him saying not to bloody touch her. They then pushe
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 16 2
Hey I have huge writers block so I thought doing some requests will make it go away! Send me what ya want but I will not do smut nor lime!
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 1 43
Cazzo Amore-Krista x Female!Reader
Cazzo Amore=Fuck Love
"New message from Krista Lenz."
Those words appeared on the female's phone screen, signaling her co-worker Eren that she'll be back in a minute a two before she walked into the back room where they kept their supplies and such. Sitting on one of the boxes near the back she quickly pulled out her phone with a smile plastered on her face. Typing in her password and clicking on the message box ready to response to the blonde's text.
Her (e/c) eyes widened in horror as she read the message, there was a pain in her chest to the point where she felt like she was being stabbed over and over again. Forcing herself not to let the tears roll down her face she slowly typed back.
That's great! What's his name?
It didn't take long for a reply from Krista.
His names Levi! You met him before, he works at your job in the cafe.
Of course, the short raven haired man who always seemed to save her ass constantly from her bosses wrath along with the
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 4 6
Fake-Krista x Male!Reader
*may contain spoilers for the manga* 
Blood was soaking the bandage on his hand but he didn't pay any sort of attention towards it. The only thing that was on his mind was her-that little so called goddess with blonde hair and blue eyes filled with so much faith in this cruel world. It was pathetic that everyone adored her every moment, it was pathetic how they didn't know her true self.
He figured her out when he first met the girl, he saw through that smile of hers since he use to hide behind that as a kid. It was easy faking another personality without anyone's knowledge to it. Singing he tighten to the bandage on his hand making him wince in pain silently.
Walking to the medical bay he caught sight of the girl- Krista Lenz and she saw the (h/c) male also and the second their eyes met she knew that he figured her secret out.
He knew that she was fake and she knew it to.
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 13 1
The Other Ral-Chapter Five
*So I'm going to do 1st P.O.V because I find it easier for me and I'm trying to put this thing one here where you can put your name and you wont have to see (Y/n) all the bloody time!*

I began discussing with Ethan over training and our interests, people walking by us may have thought that we known eachother for years from the way we reacted to what the other person said or the way we set our voices and I was started to think that to. I was comfortable around him even though I just met him a few minutes ago but I couldn't help but feel some sort of connection towards him, if I told Kimber this she might've thought I might need medications from a doctor in the nearest district.
As we talked I took in his appearance, he had long yet messy locks of dark brown hair making it bring out those rare hazel eyes of his (it's not everyday you see someone with hazel eyes!) and pale moon-light skin. He was wearing a long sleeve brown shirt with black pants with ankle length boots,
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 4 2
Blazestar's Choice
I stood next to my littermate eyes locked on our father's as he explained that due to the sickness that caught him unexpectedly he won't be around for that much longer so thus he had to choose me or Fadedcrystal to be his successor after he passes on to the after life with our ancestors. Blazestar coughed as he sat up from his nest causing my sister to rush by his side questioning him with concern if he was alright and if she should go and get Whitewhisker, but knowing him he brushed it off stating he was fine and not dead yet.
My eyes followed my sister's gray pelt as she took her place next to me once again, her blue eyes never leaving my father's sight as if he would collapse at any moment. Clearing his throat he turned his attention to use.
"As you two may know I might not see to live the day much longer thus forcing me to determine which one of you will lead the Clan of Shooting Stars." he said, I could feel my breath hitch as silence filled the cave. Fadedcrystal nodded her head
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 1 0
The female sat on the tree trunk humming a song that her mother use to sing to her when she couldn't sleep at night, her (h/c) was chopped off below her ears unevenly and her rounded (e/c) orbs were shining with life. Her dress stopped at her knees while her hands were covered in bandages from her biting them constantly from training.
A necklace was wrapped around her neck though it was getting rusty because she refused to part with it even in sleep. 
"(Y/N)!" came a young voice that was trailing with excitement, lifting up her head a smile was on her face once she saw who it was. Jumping off from her spot she rushed towards the male draped her arms around him in which he returned even tighter. Pulling away from each other the older boy pulled out a journal from his bag.
The girl tilted her head in interest as she watched him flip through the pages, she expected him to drop it any second now due to his hands shaking and his turquoise eyes showed so
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 4 5
Hailstorm and Oddleaf by Pockets108 Hailstorm and Oddleaf :iconpockets108:Pockets108 0 0
Before the Walls-Chapter One
The female could see the green grass and the field of flowers outside the protection of the forest, oh how she longed to run over and just jump in the patch of flowers but it's forbidden to leave the forest. If you're wondering why it's forbidden let me explain.
Over a hundred years ago these things called Titans showed up and started attacking the humans thus making them flee into a forest that doesn't seem to attract Titans at all which is highly strange but no one questions it. So over the years elders-the oldest people in the village made a rule that no human could venture out the woods.
The girl had to say, she dispised that rule with a burning passion. She wanted to be free and feel what it's like outside this dumb forest but going against the elder's law means bringing shame to your family name, signing the girl closed her (e/c) orbs as she turned away from the view which she desperately wanted to feel and smell.
Picking up the basket near her feet she began to walk towards the
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 2 2
Before the Walls-Prologue
Have you ever wondered how the walls came to be?
Have you ever wondered who built them?
Have you ever heard of the people before the walls?
Of course you haven't! Their tale is only known by few who refused to let their legend die out.
Now have you heard of the tale young one? No!
Then sit down and let me tell you what happened before those stone walls were built and how the walls and their districts earned their names...
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 3 2
My Last Wish-Squad Leader!Reader x Erd
She could feel the pounding of a monster's feet heading towards her as she laid in her own pool of blood, her once serious (e/c) orbs were now cold and weak when she tired to keep them open, her once neat braid was coming undone due to the impact she had towards the ground. Her clothing was soaking with the ruby red liquid.
Closing her eyes, she could feel her heart break at the thought of him-the way his brown eyes would always shine with warmth and how he could encourage her no matter what. Sure, she missed that but she had to end their relationship for their sake.
This is what happens when you fall in love with another solder, the real world comes out when one of them die and it's happening right now. But the female couldn't help but smile gently at the thought, reaching to touch the necklece he gave you a single tear ran down your face. 
"You want to know my last wish, Gin? It's that I want you to be happy..." you whispered thinking back about the day before you ended your rom
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 4 6
Duty Before Love-ErdxReader
Dear Erd,
Listen I've been thinking about our relationship for awhile now and I've made up my mind. Things aren't working out between us since I'm a squad leader while you're not so that's why I'm writing this because I can't bear to see the look on your face.
Yes, I'm being heartless right now due to the fact that I'm putting my duties before my love life. But I can't have a simple romance with a lower rank solder-I'm ignoring the fact that you're second in command for Levi's squad. Anyway, you can't keep messing up my work so we can be together...their our plenty of girls out there who would be so lucky to have you in their arms.
Trust me I know, I had you in my arms multiple times.
I hope we can carry on being comrades in arms Erd Gin and not lovers, we're in a war like I said I have to put my duties first while you don't, there's that girl named Emily right?
She likes you. Give her a shot, at least she doesn't have to put her duties before love.
Squad Leader (L/n)
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 4 7
The Other Ral-Chapter Four
I'm fine with that
I'm fine with just that
You could hear various conversations from other tables, some were amusing while others weren't. Now, you weren't the one to listen to other's conversations but in this case it was the only possible thing you could think of considering Kimber and Violet hadn't arrived at the mess hall yet making you confuse. The two of them were always by your side no matter what and it was a strange without having them around you.
I guess the three of you feel awkward without eachother.
Looking down at your stale beard, you could almost hear it mocking you-everything seems to mock you half of the time. When you were younger everything you did for your parents wasn't good enough, Petra did it better.
It was always about Petra.
Petra this.
Petra that.
What do you think Petra will like?
I think she'll like me poisoning her food.
You were lost in thought that you didn't even notice the figure that sat down in front of you. You noticed when you fe
:iconpockets108:Pockets108 10 2


The world has no right to my heart by DawnoftheFaun The world has no right to my heart :icondawnofthefaun:DawnoftheFaun 171 24 Hutt Palace by terrorwatt Hutt Palace :iconterrorwatt:terrorwatt 206 12 Bad Moon Rising by Pereprin Bad Moon Rising :iconpereprin:Pereprin 190 20 Reylo: Over my dead body! by TheIguanaAmarilla Reylo: Over my dead body! :icontheiguanaamarilla:TheIguanaAmarilla 476 56 Striped sisterzz by Suzamuri Striped sisterzz :iconsuzamuri:Suzamuri 187 60 KFP Chi Su Dovalong.ref by Suzamuri KFP Chi Su Dovalong.ref :iconsuzamuri:Suzamuri 117 60 little butterfly. by Suzamuri little butterfly. :iconsuzamuri:Suzamuri 154 47 Peng vs Tai Lung by Betabel1001 Peng vs Tai Lung :iconbetabel1001:Betabel1001 62 6 Kung Fu Panda: Tigress by Kelev Kung Fu Panda: Tigress :iconkelev:Kelev 440 110 KFP My favorite scene1 by kyomitsu KFP My favorite scene1 :iconkyomitsu:kyomitsu 685 71 If I Never Knew You - Kung Fu Panda Tribute by NoxidamXV If I Never Knew You - Kung Fu Panda Tribute :iconnoxidamxv:NoxidamXV 56 34 Panda family. by Suzamuri Panda family. :iconsuzamuri:Suzamuri 674 132 Sadness. by Suzamuri Sadness. :iconsuzamuri:Suzamuri 1,677 349 Outlast Oc Ryan Upshur by sky-the-ripper Outlast Oc Ryan Upshur :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 8 54



Some of you might not read this but I'm taking a long butt break from here but I will get the requests i have left finished so please do not ask me about them.


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